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They cite the convenience and privacy of doing therapy from the comfort of their own home or workplace. They report that online therapy saves the time and hassle of driving, parking or traveling on public transportation. And they say that the intimacy of the Face-to-face therapeutic work quickly brings us together, making it feel like we are in the same room.

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It’s therapy on your own terms. Online therapy works just like in-person therapy in that everything is confidential, but you can meet with your therapist in the comfort of your own home, at work, or from anywhere you feel comfortable. Instead of worrying about commuting into your therapist’s office, you can meet Face-to-face online, saving time and the hassle of parking or public transportation. You can use your smart phone, tablet or computer to connect.


Using modern technology, we are changing how therapy is done. We use Zoom to connect with clients virtually. Sessions are private, secure, and HIPAA and PHI compliant. An online therapy session is comparable to speaking with someone on FaceTime or Google HangOut, but the Zoom platform is designed to be more private and keep your information as confidential as it would be if you were in your therapist’s office. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to connect over Zoom. It’s professional, private, and secure. 


  • Going to therapy has a stigma for you: doing therapy in the privacy of your own home can help you avoid the embarrassment of being seen in public at a therapist’s office

  • You keep a busy schedule: If you have an extremely packed life with work and family obligations, therapy can be available to you in a way that is easy and convenient. Online therapy allows you to cut out the time of traveling to your therapist’s office.

  • You travel frequently: whether it is travel for work, vacation, or to visit family, you can do your therapy sessions from wherever you are.

  • You have issues with mobility or social anxiety: online therapy may be more comfortable than in-person therapy as you don’t have to stress about traveling or being on crowded public transportation. You can find calm and convenience in connecting with your therapist using your phone, tablet or computer.

  • You have people in various locations that you want to bring together for therapy: Online therapy allows you to set up sessions without needing everyone to be in the same room. Couples and family therapy that once felt impossible to achieve, become possible once the hassle of getting to the office is eliminated.


"If anyone had told me five years ago how the course of my life would change, I would have written it off as fiction. My debt of gratitude to Shelley and her online therapy practice is immeasurable. Through three relocations and countless job changes, from phone booths and airport lobbies, in the midst of the hustle and while on sabbatical, online therapy has been a constant source of grounding and growth. Doing therapy online created space for me to show up for myself consistently. And that has made all the difference.”
~ Carolina, finding my voice


“I have participated in group therapy online since June of 2014. I find that working remotely does not hinder the therapy process in any way. New folks are easy to absorb into the group dynamic, people are committed, and they share their emotions freely. We use a secure connection through Zoom and the convenience is awesome. For me, this has been a wonderful opportunity to both tackle personal issues and to apply what other group members may be working on to myself.”
~ Mary, lifelong believer in the value of therapy


"As someone who's lived in several cities and countries over the past 8 years, online therapy has been a consistent source of support during challenging times. I've really appreciated the flexibility and stability it provides by freeing me up to make life decisions without additional worry. Knowing that I can travel and move around without compromising on my therapy has been an empowering experience in my personal development journey."
~ Sharifa, healing and growing on her own terms


“Therapy has been important to my emotional well-being. I often am in different locations, and participating in my therapy group online has helped me to continue my emotional growth uninterrupted. I feel just as close and connected to other group members as I did in person, and we have been able to continue and deepen our relationships despite moves to different parts of the country. In this case, technology really works!"
~ Bea


"Doing online therapy with Shelley has been great because I am able to continue my relationship with her, despite having moved multiple times as a result of being a military spouse. I am also extremely busy, and speaking with her online prevents me from having to spend time traveling to and from therapy. I can conveniently speak to her in the privacy of my office at work.”
~ Nicole, attorney


"Online therapy helps me fit therapy it into my schedule easier. I love cutting out the commute. And, let's face it, my couch is more comfortable than the typical office chair. In group therapy, it's also great not to lose a group member because they moved away."
~ Paula B.


“Shelley Karliner is an inspired therapist: she asks insightful questions, offers unique and refreshing perspectives, challenges me in a loving way, and creates a strong and loving container for deep and consistent growth. Shelley has been a tremendously positive influence in my life. I regularly recommend her to friends and colleagues.

When I made the decision to leave Washington DC , I was distressed at the thought of having to give up our therapy sessions. I jumped at the opportunity to continue our group sessions by video, although with some trepidation about what would be missing. I am pleased to say that the experience by video remains the same: group participants can read each other's emotions, explore issues in depth, and build intimate relationships.

The set up is professional and high quality. Technical problems are at a minimum and the sessions maintain confidentiality. The flexibility of the online video option has enabled participants to continue in the group despite geographic or other changes in our lives. As a result we have been there to support and learn from each other through many of our joys and challenges. I greatly appreciate that the online option has enabled us to create long-term relationships in a therapeutic setting. I highly recommend it!"
~ Andrea, ardent social activist


“I started this practice of online sessions 5 years ago, and my life has changed immensely. Online therapy has been a stabilizing and transformational part of my life. It is convenient and an environment in which I feel comfortable being vulnerable. I do online individual and group therapy and therefore am able to attend therapy twice a week, which I might not be able to make time for if I had to attend in person. I have the security of knowing that if I were to move or change my life in any substantial way, that I could still continue on with therapy because I can attend from wherever I am."
~ Nicholle, former member of the US military


“I started my therapy journey with Shelley in 2012. Each week, I would meet with her in her DC office for individual therapy. After a year, I joined one of her therapy groups while still seeing her occasionally for individual therapy. Although the commute from work, to her office, and then home was a bit tough, the quality of therapy I was receiving was worth it.

A few years later when we started to do sessions online, I was worried about whether I
would still feel as connected to her and my group members. From my first online session until now, it has felt no different. If anything, I feel more connected to her and my group being that I can log onto my sessions from anywhere."


"Online therapy has eliminated the stress of commuting on a weekly basis. I can make it home in time to get settled, have dinner, and log on. Over the years, something that I’ve truly appreciated is being able to work on my emotional development with group members that are in another part of the country. Having such a diverse group brings unique experiences and different perspectives to our rich and engaging conversations.

If online therapy is something you haven’t considered or are considering I would highly recommend that you give it a try. Being able to receive services from the same therapist for the last eight years despite having moved has been very beneficial to my growth."
~ Hadiatu


“Before trying online therapy, I never considered or even imagined the place and impact that it would eventually have on my life experience. It has made it possible for me to work with a wonderful therapist, Shelley. If, only, for that one significant aspect, I’m grateful and still learning and experiencing its immeasurable value”.
~ Chei, Graduate Student and MFT Trainee 




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